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Dec 16, 2019

"This episode was inspired by so many of my clients and followers messaging me or telling me, ‘Jaclyn, I should be further along by now.’ They hold this immense guilt like their business should be at a different place than it is right now. I find this to be so limiting and self sabotaging."

This week on the Spark Your Light Podcast, we’re going to talk about this “standard” of where you should be in your business that we create for ourselves. 

Then we are going to challenge this limiting belief and why you are actually, exactly where you need to be and help you better understand what the process of building a business is really like. 

There are no shortcuts to having a successful business, just like there are no shortcuts to success itself. Building a business takes hard work, commitment, consistency, and time. 

Simply put, whatever that you are currently building, it is going to take time, and that's actually a good thing. 


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