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Apr 27, 2020

Many are caught up in the idea that money is just about that - making money. Well, money is also about mindset. It is energy and it is intertwined with everything else.

To free ourselves from what is blocking us in achieving abundance, taking the 'right steps' is not enough. We need to back it up with attitude, perspective, and vision.

In this episode, Mint Worthy founder, Vanessa Bowen, will be guiding us on doing inner work to establish the money mindset that will bring us closer to true abundance.

You will learn: 
- Why abundance is ABSOLUTELY for you
- The common blocks with money mindset for young women and working through them by changing the mindset
- What overcoming the blocks is like and the factors that determine our timeline in doing so
- How to speak to our subconscious self
- Experiencing abundance by expressing gratitude


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