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Dec 30, 2019

“This episode was inspired by a comment from one of my followers on an Instagram post I made. I am so freaking excited and it gets me so fired up and I know you're definitely going to hear that in my voice today.”


On this episode of the Spark Your Light Podcast, we are going to talk about money and why I believe it is not the root of all evil. 


A recent post on my social media account which asked the question, “Is money really the root of all evil?” ignited a response from one of my followers which produced the lesson that I am so excited to share with all of you today. 


That response was,”I think the love of money might be the root of all evil, not money itself.”


I disagree and you’ll see why as I go through this topic on the podcast today. I hope you are open to hearing my perspective on this one because money and our relationship with it is absolutely essential to success. 

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