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Dec 23, 2019

“I am so incredibly excited about this episode because for a long time I truly didn't understand this concept. While I always knew its importance and so many of the speakers and influencers and authors that I absolutely love talked about it, I had a hard time finding it especially in the bad things.”


This week on the Spark Your Light Podcast, our discussion will center on gratitude. To be more precise, finding gratitude in the midst of a mess. 


We find it really easy to find something to be grateful for in the good things. A fresh cup of coffee in the morning, or the way leaves look as they fall on the grass which is really beautiful. But in times of failure, where we may have totally messed-up, it is not as easy to feel grateful for anything.


Stay tuned as I unpack three reasons why we should be grateful for the mess and towards the end of the show, I will also share with you the shifts that I made in my life and in my business to help me transform my beliefs about the hard times. I eventually learned to embrace them as truly something to be grateful for instead. 


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