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Aug 30, 2021

Today's episode is all about productivity. Do you struggle with being "productive" when you sit down to work? Today I'm sharing my tips on increasing productivity so we can work less hours and achieve more.


In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What Parkinson's Law is and how it applies to productivity

  • How to...

Aug 23, 2021

Today's episode is a VERY special one, to say the least. Welcome to the 100th episode of the Spark Your Light podcast.


I hopped on this journey exactly 100 weeks ago, that's almost two full years! Since launching the podcast, I recorded an episode every single week. And in the process, I've reached 30,000 downloads...

Aug 16, 2021

This episode was inspired by a conversation I've recently had with friends, clients etc. It applies to all areas of life - career, relationships, goals, and business. It all comes back to the same fear, which is disappointment. It’s natural for us to try and avoid disappointment because as humans we are more likely...

Aug 9, 2021

On today’s podcast I have a very special guest, Niyc Pidgeon! Niyc is a positive psychologist and Hay House best-selling author! She's also the founder of the multi-million dollar brand Unstoppable Success and creator of the Positive Psychology Coach Academy certification.


In this episode you'll learn:

  • How Niyc...

Aug 2, 2021

Do you ever feel like nothing is working? One of my listeners recently asked me, "How can I break through the 'nothing ever works for me' mentality and keep faith when things are bad."


I remember being in this exact position in my business, wanting to give up because I thought I'd never be successful.


Shifting this...